9 Ways I Use My Bed, Other Than For Sleeping

Nov 10, 2015 | by Sandy Reitman

Living in NYC means plenty of nightlife, plenty of people, and plenty to do. However, for many of us, it doesn’t mean plenty of space. That being said, in my small (yet charming) apartment, no piece of furniture goes unused, nor without multiple purposes. Specifically my bed: That thing has come in handy in more situations than I could have ever imagined. If you live in the Big Apple, or are thinking about it, maybe you can take a point or two from how I’ve learned to repurpose my bed over the past six years.

1. Extra Seating


A lack of space is no excuse for being a poor host. My bed and couch have served similar purposes for years, trading off sleeping and seated guests. In a past life, I would have thought it odd if a new friend had offered their bed as a place for me to park, but, hey, that’s New York.

2. Catching Up

When Harry Met Sally

Over the years, my friends and family have moved all over the country. After a long day of work, I find myself crawling into bed with some time to spare, reminiscing of funny memories and where the time has gone. Thankfully, the comfort of my bed is the perfect place to cozy up for a great, long check-in call. And, when I get a not-so-good call, my bed is the only place to be.  

3. Jamming Out


The joy of living alone is the ability to rock out like no one’s watching, because, unless you need new blinds, no one probably is watching. I kick off my shoes, turn up the music, and perform some cringeworthy impersonations up on my stage, err, bed.

3. Sickness

Winters in the city are shitty. Everyone is sick, and the “always go” attitude let’s us spread germs to each other pretty quickly. When I catch a bug, I take my Gatorade, Kleenex, and over-the-counter drugs with me to bed. I shall remain there for the unforeseeable future.

5. Slumber Parties


When friends come to town, my bed is always open for sharing. Then, as a single women, there’s also the inevitable romantic sleepover, when having a bed certainly comes in handy.  Wink wink.  

6. Work

Working Dog

The life of a freelance writer is a unique blend of time at home, time on-the-go, and time mingling.  On a busy week, I’ll spend most of my time in my apartment, bogged down with work, deadlines, and a drive to make that cash money. All other writers on here are probably thinking, “You need a true workspace at home”. But me, I need my workspace to have pillows.  

7. Hiding Valuables

Breaking Bad

It’s not just Grandma’s birthday cash that I stuff under my bed. Being a social butterfly, I pride myself on my ability to throw a kickass party in a small space. That means that most of my possessions become vulnerable on the path of destruction AKA drunk friends flopping around. Prized possessions, sentimental jewelry, and meaningful photographs have a safe space beneath my mattress.  

8. Hiding Myself

Bad days; we all have them. When I can’t seem to get my shit together, I’d rather stay in bed. The space is mine, and it wants me to be comfortable.

9. A Friendly Reminder

I’ve always been told to appreciate each day. When I wake up, refreshed from my perfect slumber, I prepare myself for the day ahead. Challenges may arise, but I can tackle them. Things may go wrong, but I can adapt. I’m flawless, baby.

As I glance down at my manicured, tidy bedspread, I so look forward to nighttime when I can crawl back into comfort. Hopefully, one day soon, I’ll have someone special to share it with. But for now, it’s mine… all mine.