Between Two Foams: What’s Temperature Regulation?

Apr 07, 2016 | by Adam Tishman

Some people sleep cool as a cucumber while others get hot throughout the night. There are many factors that affect your bed temperature throughout the night, including room temperature, bedding, and body temperature. Did you know your mattress may be one of them?

For example, materials like memory foam “melt” to your body shape when introduced to body heat. Sinking into the material, the sleeper can experience heightened heat retention. The goal is to promote airflow and keep your body from feeling trapped or overheated.

When it comes to a Helix Sleep mattress, Temperature Regulation is determined by the level of airflow permitted throughout the mattress materials. Certain materials allow for more airflow than others. By moving these higher up in the mattress (and closer to your body), more air will flow naturally, dissipating heat and wicking away moisture.

Keep In Mind: At Helix Sleep, we use high-quality foams and Dunlop latex. We make sure to use types that have an open cell structure, allowing air to flow easily throughout.


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