In Bed With Felicity Sargent & Mark Molle

May 09, 2016 | by Melanie Albert

Meet Felicity & Mark. This charming couple has an equally charming Chelsea apartment that’s brought to life by their rescue pups, Emma & Squirrels. Having written for and Refinery29, Felicity’s sharp and witty observations should be on everyone’s must read list. We stopped by to peek into their beautiful blue bedroom and learn more about how the founders of Definer tuck in after a long day.

Getting To Know You

Where do you live?

Chelsea, Manhattan. Fun fact: Duchamp lived in our house for a couple of months in 1916.

Tell us about your dogs, what are their names? How old are they?

Emma, the Corgi and Squirrels, the Biewer Terrier. They are both rescues, which means that they’ll forever be 6. Squirrels is a fetch addict and Emma is a worry wort.

What was your favorite bedtime story as a kid?

Felicity: Ferdinand The Bull

Mark: The Giving Tree

What book put you to sleep in school?

Felicity: The American by Henry James

Mark: The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

In Bed With Felicity Sargent

What’s the one thing you cannot sleep without?

The theme song to The Cider House Rules. #Proof.

What do you do if you can’t sleep?

Sheepishly play Scrabble.

What’s the weirdest thing you do in bed?

Read to each other.

In Bed With Felicity Sargent

Left, right, or middle of the bed?

Mark: Left.

Felicity: Right.

What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?

Felicity: I have a recurring dream where I’m riding cartoon flying ponies, it’s glorious, and I always wake up in the best mood after I’ve had this dream.

Mark: I have a recurring dream where I’m running through a field of popcorn.

Where do you keep your phone while you sleep?

In faraday boxes, at the sides of our bed.

In Bed With Felicity Sargent

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Interior Photography by Charles Aydlett