In Bed With Joe Auer

Jun 06, 2016 | by Melanie Albert

Joe knows mattresses. As the reviewer and face of Mattress Clarity, he has tried nearly every mattress on the market. As sleep experts ourself, we decided to learn more about a man who sleeps on the job… literally.

Getting to know you...

What was your favorite bedtime story as a kid?

I was a big fan of The Giving Tree. Though kind of a sad story, I loved the pictures, and the message still resonates with me to this day.

What book put you to sleep in school?

Happy Potter—I’m just not into the wizard scene.

Present day: Do you have a consistent bedtime routine? Walk us through it.

First, I brush my teeth and wash my face. Then, I go knit a few rows to relax. Fluff the pillow, make the bed (right before sleep?! I know…). Finally, it’s lights off, and I’m usually asleep within 10 minutes.

And when is your bedtime?

11:00 PM most nights, though NYC nights out can sometimes go until the wee hours of the morning.


What do you do if you can’t sleep?

Knitting is what relaxes my mind the best. Reading, too. If I can’t sleep, I avoid screens at all costs!

What’s the weirdest thing you do in bed?

I actually like to do stretches in bed. Plenty of space, cleaner than the floor, and easy on the knees.

Left, right, or middle of the bed?

Right side!

What is your favorite TV show to watch in bed?

Daredevil. I’m only two seasons in, but once I start I can’t stop!

Tell me about the strangest dream you’ve ever had.

I have a recurring dream with Brendan Frasier chasing me with his outdated spaceship. I think The Mummy (the movie) made more of an impact on me than I like to admit.

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