In Bed With Chinae Alexander

Jul 12, 2016 | by Melanie Albert

Meet Chinae Alexander, who you may know better as the face of @GetFitBrooklyn. We now how important fitness is for your health. But what about snoozing? We woke her up to learn about a Brooklyn-ite’s sleep cycle.

Do you have a consistent bedtime routine? If so, walk us through it.

Step 1: Wash my face + apply approximately 500 products to help me stay grasping at looking just under 30.
Step 2: Make Tea
Step 3: Forget about the tea and leave it on my bedside table
Step 4: Watch one netflix show
Step 5: Read a little something
Step 6: Accidentally look at my phone for something and then spend an hour looking at a lot of OTHER things
Step 7: Get mad at myself for being awake and looking at my phone
Step 8: Finally sleep

When is your bedtime?

Anywhere between 11pm-4am depending on work and level of brainstorming that’s brewing. .

What’s the one thing you can’t sleep without?

Lots of skincare!

What do you do if you can’t sleep?

Look at my phone, which makes me more awake.


What’s the weirdest thing you do in bed?

Breakfast in bed almost every day, like…after a full workout, I’ll climb back in just to eat.

Left, right, or middle of the bed?

Left! Always. Have gotten into multiple fights with potential mates about this, but I always win. LEFT.

Where do you keep your phone while you sleep?


How many alarms do you set before going to bed?

10-12. ok, maybe not that many but I set at least 5 when I have to be somewhere at a certain time. I usually schedule meetings later in the day so I can have the mornings be flexible. I’m out so much at night and do some of my best work in the early AM hours so most days I don’t set an alarm. It’s the most luxurious part about being the boss.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Wonder if I REALLY need to be up at that time.

What’s your ideal sleep setting?

Camping in the redwoods, best sleep of my life and I was in a tent.

How does working out affect your sleep schedule?

I TRY to get to the gym in the mornings but sometimes, I’ve stayed up to work until 3 or 4am and I need to let myself wake up whenever my body wants to. Most mornings I don’t set an alarm. So I workout after I’ve had enough zzz’s.

In Bed With Chinae Alexander

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