25 Songs To Help You Fall Asleep

The feeling is all too familiar. You’re lying in bed, exhausted from a long day of work, the gym, your strenuous commute, entertaining friends, all of it. You can’t wait to peacefully drift into 8 hours of blissful sleep. Except the weight of tomorrow’s worries comes crashing down, creating a canopy of stress and anxiety over your tranquil utopia.

You hesitantly roll over to check the time…12:30 a.m. You have approximately seven and a half hours left until you have to peel yourself out of your pillowy paradise. You spend what seems like 20 minutes trying to get comfortable again, rolling around, rearranging sheets and locating the cold side of the pillow. You glance over at your phone again. Now, you only have SIX hours left to bask in the warmth of your fluffy bed. As you watch your beloved good night’s sleep quickly vanish before your eyes, you desperately search for solutions. Perhaps a warm cup of tea would help? Or maybe text Ivy, your Yogi friend, who’s bound to have a meditation playlist.

Well not to worry our sleep deprived readers, your quest for post-bedtime serenity and peace-of-mind stops here. We’ve compiled a playlist of the best modern songs to listen to when in bed to help you drift away into dreamland.

Listen To Our Rock-A-Bye Playlist

Our Favorite Sleepy Tunes
  • Thinking Out Loud
    Ed Sheeran
  • Little Talks
    Julia Sheer & Jon D
  • Lay Me Down
    Sam Smith
  • Skinny Love
    Bon Iver
  • Rosie’s Lullaby
    Norah Jones
  • Let Her Go
  • Angels
    The XX
  • Sparks
  • Let It Be Me
    Ray LaMontagne
  • Hello
  • Let It All Go
    Birdy, RHODES
  • Descending
    Big Boi, Little Dragon
  • Verse
  • The Wilhelm Scream
    James Blake
  • Lifeforms
  • Stay With Me
    Sam Smith
  • Seven Hours
    Little May
  • Retrograde
    James Blake
  • Looking too Closely
  • Waiting Game
  • I Forget Where We Are
    Ben Howard
  • Red Dust
    James Vincent McMorrow
  • Here With Me
    Susie Suh, Robot Koch
  • You’re the Best
  • Photograph
    Ed Sheeran

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