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Between Two Foams: What’s Point Elasticity?

An important mattress characteristic that most shoppers aren’t aware of is Point Elasticity. At Helix Sleep, we like to call it the “Mattress Nerd Metric” since it’s one of the most important considerations, particularly for side sleepers.

Point Elasticity is a measure of the ability of materials to compress without affecting the rest of the mattress. For example, if you push down in one area of a mattress that has high point elasticity, the surrounding areas will be less affected by the compression. On a mattress with low point elasticity, the surrounding areas will compress with any added pressure to the mattress.

In the Helix Sleep design, we use hundreds of individually wrapped microcoils within your construction to offer even pressure relief, the right amount of contouring, and sublime comfort.

Attention all side sleepers. It is crucial to have the right amount of point elasticity in your mattress. If you lay on your side, it is likely that your shoulders and hips will push further into the mattress than other areas of your body. Ideally, the mattress will bend and contour to your curves, keeping your cradled in all the right areas.


A low point elasticity results in a larger region of the mattress being affected by compression in one area.

Low Point Elasticity


High point elasticity results in a smaller affected area when one region of the mattress is compressed.

High Point Elasticity

See how much point elasticity you need in your ideal mattress.  Complete our online questionnaire and view your personalized design.

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Zach Gentry
Zach is the Helix Sleep Customer Experience Manager and Mattress Guru.

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