There’s actually quite a debate around whether putting your mattress on the floor has any major downsides, and whether a base or frame only benefit aesthetics.

People who advocate for putting a mattress on the floor often point to the health benefits of keeping your sleeping surface on the floor. Those who are against a floor mattress discuss potential issues like being in proximity to pests like dust mites or problems with mildew growth.

We’re going to break this down point-by-point and hope to bring some real mattress expertise into the conversation.

Why Would You Put Your Mattress on The Floor?

Human beings have been on the hunt for the perfect type of mattress and the best sleeping surface since the beginning of time. But right now, it’s fair to say, we’re living in the golden age of sleep.

We make mattresses that conform to your body or cater to your sleep position and firmness preferences. There are adjustable bases that allow you to control your elevation and even simulate weightlessness.

Despite the advances in mattress and bedding technology, some people still prefer to sleep with their mattresses on the floor.

There’s some evidence that suggests sleeping with your mattress on the floor can make it firmer and more comfortable for some people. Changing the look of your room can also impact your life in unexpected ways. Many find being lower to the ground to be more comfortable.

Of course, there are also drawbacks to putting your mattress on the floor. You also increase your risk of being exposed to allergens like dust particles or pests like bed bugs and dust mites. You’re also losing out on support to extend the longevity of your mattress.

The truth is you don’t really need a foundation for your mattress and box springs aren’t really necessary. However, you’re missing out on a few key things if you choose to go without. But, let’s do the pros first.

Pros of Putting Your Mattress on the Floor

People continue to report that they genuinely benefit from making the switch to the floor for a number of reasons, from new aesthetics to inspire change and motivation, to increased comfort.

Back Pain Relief

Some people say that sleeping on the floor firms up their mattress and helps with back pain caused by a sagging mattress. There are a bunch of ways to make your mattress firmer without having to put it on the floor.


Sleeping with your mattress on the floor is generally a comfort and aesthetics thing. That’s the main benefit for most people, and that’s totally up to personal preference.


Sometimes, the only reason people choose to change up their sleeping preferences or where they place their mattress is a simple wish to change up their bedroom. A lot of people dig the low-to-the-ground look.


If you choose to sleep with your mattress, whether it’s memory foam or an innerspring mattress, directly on the floor, you’ll save yourself some money. But take a look at the cons before making that choice.

Cons of Putting Your Mattress on the Floor

Keeping your floor mattress (and any bedding on top of it, such as a topper or duvet) clean is of the utmost importance. Also keep in mind that certain types of sleepers aren’t able to get as comfortable on the floor.

You want to be happy with how your room looks when you walk into it every day, so if you don’t like how a mattress looks on the floor, floor sleeping probably isn’t for you.


It’s important to be meticulous about vacuuming and mopping the areas around and under your mattress to avoid a buildup of dust or mold.

Increased Longevity

A solid foundation prevents any sagging that may happen naturally over an extended period of time. Having a foundation extends your mattresses comfort longevity.


Creating a cleaning routine is essential to avoid being exposed to unsavory creatures like dust mites and bed bugs.

Lack of Airflow

With no space for air to flow underneath the mattress, excessive body heat and sweat can get trapped in the bed, which increases the chance of mold. Airflow can also keep the mattress cooler at night.

The Look

Critics of sleeping on the floor might say the look is rough and unfinished, while advocates of the practice might appreciate the simplicity.

Optimal Height

Foundations lift the mattress from the ground to add some height, which makes getting in and out of bed easier.

Sleeping with A Mattress On The Floor (If You’re Going to Do it Anyway)

Make sure you are very careful with how you set up your mattress on the floor, and keep the area clean. You’ll also need to be sure you’re raising it from time to time and letting the mattress breathe regularly.

Also make sure you are clear on your mattress warranty. Frequently, if you don’t use sleep products like a foundation or a box spring along with your mattress, your warranty will be voided.

Finally, just make sure you’re using a high-quality mattress no matter what. If you’re not sure where to get one, take the sleep quiz to get started.

Adam Tishman
Adam is a co-founder and CEO of Helix Sleep

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