At 3Z Brands, we feel a resounding need to support the communities in which we thrive. It’s a sentiment that permeates every aspect of our company’s ethos, from its day-to-day operations to its broader give-back initiatives. Part of this philosophy is the commitment to supporting and empowering students as they prepare to navigate the ever-evolving job market.

On January 10th, this commitment took center stage as 3Z Brands opened its doors to 20 students from the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business. For the second year, 3Z Brands hosted as part of the university’s annual New York City Marketing & Communications Road Trip. Led by Senior Growth Marketing Specialist Ava Cummings, herself an alumna of the University of Richmond, the visit exemplified 3Z Brands’ dedication to nurturing emerging talent and fostering meaningful connections within the marketing and communications community.

The University of Richmond’s Marketing & Communications Road Trip is a cherished Robins School of Business tradition. It offers students an invaluable opportunity to explore the inner workings of various companies where alums like Ava are making their mark. This year’s trip included visits to five companies, including 3Z Brands, each representing a unique facet of the corporate landscape.

Ava’s journey from the University of Richmond to 3Z Brands is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and opportunity. She understands the importance of paying it forward, specifically with this Marketing & Communications Road Trip. Having benefited from this trip as an undergrad, Ava remains passionate about supporting similar opportunities for the next generation of University of Richmond students.

The visit included a presentation, panel discussion, and networking opportunities at 3Z’s NYC offices. Ava was joined by Adam Tishman, Co-President of Consumer Brands & Co-Founder of Helix Sleep, who provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship and business evolution. Adam also shared the Helix founding story and spoke to the immense growth of the Helix brands and the evolution into the 3Z entity.

A panel discussion featuring marketing experts Steve Krinberg, Jen Pressley, Emily Skaar, Laur Fiatoa, and Steve Catanzaro highlighted the visit. The group shared personal anecdotes, industry insights, and practical advice from years of experience. From discussing the latest marketing trends to offering tips for navigating the job market, the visit gave students a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to draw from as they embark on their professional journeys. 

3Z Brands is proud to partner with the University of Richmond for this unique opportunity. By investing in developing and empowering emerging talent, we look to help build a strong workforce while shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for those in the marketing and communications space.


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