It’s time for another Employee Spotlight at 3Z Brands! 

This month’s spotlight is on Melissa Moreno, Growth Marketing Manager for 3Z Brands. Since joining the company in 2022, Melissa has served as an important member of the Partnerships team, working to grow and optimize brand partnerships and relationships with content publishers. She works one-on-one with many well-known outlets, ensuring that 3Z’s brands are highlighted across several different channels and mediums. 

Learn more about Melissa below: 

Tell us about what you do in your role at 3Z Brands:

As a Growth Marketing Manager on the Partnerships team, I mainly work to grow and optimize our partnerships to ensure our brands have exposure with top mattress, paid search, and content publishers. 

When did you join 3Z Brands and what made you want to join?

I started working at 3Z Brands in May 2022. Personally, I was a fan of many of the brands before I started so that was definitely a driving factor to joining the team. I was also interested in working within a robust and savvy marketing team, so I am very thankful that the stars seemingly aligned for me with this amazing role/opportunity. 

 What is your favorite perk about working at 3Z?:

Besides working on an all-star team, my favorite perk about working at 3Z would have to be the hybrid working structure and the opportunity to work out of the New York City office. It’s great to be able to come in once a week and brainstorm directly with my team and collaborate with other departments.

 How would you describe the 3Z culture in three words?:

Creative, innovative, and supportive.

What do you appreciate the most about working at 3Z?:

I appreciate the level of intelligence that I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. I learn something new every day! The sense of teamwork is unmatched at 3Z and I’m so thankful to work around such talented people.

 Rapid Fire:

What’s your sleeping position of choice (side, back, stomach, combo, etc)?:

Side sleeper.

 Favorite mattress?:

My favorite mattress (and the mattress I sleep on every night) is the Helix Midnight Luxe. It is amazing!

 Favorite accessory?:

The Brooklyn Bedding Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket – it is so comfy and an absolute game-changer to my sleep.

 Last TV show binge?:

My last TV show binge was Survivor. I have admittedly seen far too many seasons of that show.

 Favorite non-work activity?:

My favorite activity outside of work is definitely hanging out and walking my dog Stella. She comes with me wherever I go!

 Fun fact about yourself?:

A fun fact about myself is that I recently graduated with my master’s degree from the University of Florida (go Gators!).

 Any bucket list goals you can share?:

My bucket list goals are mainly travel-related: I’d love to visit Colombia, Italy, and Greece.

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