March is Women’s History Month, and serves as a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in the workplace. In celebration of this important month, 3Z Brands is shining a spotlight the some of the exceptional female employees who shape the very fabric of 3Z Brands.

Within our diverse team, we are honored to welcome outstanding women who epitomize empowerment and inject our company with creativity, passion, and talent. Among them shines Rose Gaitanis.

Rose embodies the core values of 3Z Brands with her steadfast commitment, forward-thinking approach, and relentless drive. As an integral part of Nolah’s digital product team, she continually inspires her colleagues and sets a high standard for professional excellence.

Learn more about Rose in the Q&A below:

How has 3Z Brands helped nurture your career development?

Before joining 3Z, I worked on the agency side, where my role required me to handle multiple categories simultaneously. Working in the mattress industry, and within one category, is relatively new for me but one that I am sure to be a part of long-term. 3Z has been so amazing in ensuring that team members gain first-hand knowledge of the production process with the opportunity to attend Mattress University and spend a few days immersed at the factory. This has helped tremendously in my role in communicating the benefits of our mattresses and how they help address our customer’s needs.

What advice would you give the next generation of women starting their careers?

As a working mom, my advice stems from personal experience. Balancing motherhood, being present, and having a rewarding career is achievable! However, it’s crucial to cultivate a strong support network whenever possible. This includes having a supportive employer (like 3Z!), a supportive partner, and family and friends. I am fortunate to have each of these pillars in my life, along with a close-knit community of fellow moms who offer invaluable assistance and encouragement when needed. It truly does take a village!

What do you love most about working at 3Z Brands?

The people! Across all brands and teams, I’ve been genuinely impressed by the level of respect and camaraderie. It’s remarkable, especially considering some of us have never met in person!

What is a personal principle you like to follow?

One personal principle I adhere to is treating others with the same kindness and respect I hope to receive. When someone does or says something that upsets me, I try to empathize with their perspective. Recognizing that we may not be aware of what someone is going through personally, I strive to maintain this mindset when responding to situations.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

This is currently top of mind as we’re in the midst of the season. I lead the Girl Scout Cookie program for my daughter’s troop, and this marks the sixth consecutive year I’ve taken on this role! For a few weeks annually, my house and car are filled with cases upon cases of Girl Scout cookies as we venture out to sell them in the cold on weekends. It’s a lot of work, but it provides valuable learning opportunities for the girls, teaching them communication, sales, marketing, and finance skills.

Who is a female role model you’ve looked up to and why?

I don’t have one specific person in mind, but I’ve been fortunate to have several sources of inspiration. Firstly, my mom stands out. She immigrated to the US from Italy as an adult, not knowing any English. Yet, she tirelessly worked to provide us with every opportunity and remained actively involved in our school and activities. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional women as colleagues and clients throughout my career. I often reflect on how one of them might have approached it in challenging situations and use that as guidance.

What is the most important lesson, business or otherwise, life has taught you?

It’s essential to embrace stepping outside your comfort zone. Before joining Nolah, the majority of my career was spent in agencies. Transitioning from the agency environment to Nolah and 3Z was a bit of a risk, as it was entirely new territory for me. However, I found that I could leverage my agency skills while also expanding my expertise in the mattress category. I’m now exactly where I want to be in my career, and I’m grateful for having made that shift.

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